ALZA INC Advantage Certification Program

First 30 days in the Business

Smart Selling

Business Communication

Brand Promotions

Confidence Enhancement

Time Management & Customer Service

Market Analysis & Public Speaking

Quality Management

Client Representation

First 75 days in the Business

Training & Development

Sales & Analysis

Individual Financial Management

New Customer Acquisition

Self Assessment

Facilitation Skills

Level 1 Recruitment

Brand Awareness

First 120 days in the Business

Team Management

Performance Accountability

Sales Strategy

Team Profitability

Business Strategy Planning

Decision Making Skills

Comparative Analysis

R.O.I Management

ALZA INC Certified Entrepreneurship Program

Advanced Strategic Thinking

Training & Development

Project Management

Strategic Brand Management

Business Expansion

Financial Budgeting & Analysis

Business Networking

Performance led-HR

New Venture Creation

The 2nd level of the program will involve a much elaborated and comprehensive course for Alza Incorporation Business Certificate Holders ,graduates and post graduates who are looking to build themselves as leaders in the industry and aspire to build their own organisation.