Myself Ahamed Althaf Pottachola from Kerala. Completed my B.E Mechatronics at Anna University Coimbatore. After that I was worked for an IT firm as an SEO analyst.

Hours passed, and I concluded That I was merely repeating the same activity like a robot. I knew I didn't deserve this lifestyle of trading time for money, which essentially meant functioning for someone else's success. I just wanted to be independent, and luckily I got into this business.

I just joined there I had no idea what these people in this business were doing, but what I saw was they all were excited, which made me stay here.

The best part of this business is the interaction we need to have with humans, and it was crazy, I liked it! , developed my communication skills, knowledge, I started this with a good pleasing smile, I worked hard for myself, developed my communication skills, knowledge, and personality I updated myself to gem level. They taught me how to handle most clients globally, outstanding mentorship and leadership skills, making me feel awesome. It was not easy because success is will never come with ease.

I got everything that I wanted, and my dream came true, and it is ALZA INC

I'm very much thankful that everyone helped me become an independent business owner.

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